Wto Valuation Agreement Article 15

Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as restricting or calling into question the rights of customs administrations to restrict or challenge the accuracy or accuracy of any declaration, document or declaration submitted for customs valuation purposes. 3. A finding of a violation of any other provision of this Convention or of a separate international agreement shall not establish a violation of this Article. (i) The Parties recognize that each Party retains the right to exercise the discretion of the Public Prosecutor`s Office and to make decisions on the allocation of environmental resources with respect to other environmental laws that have higher priorities. Accordingly, the Parties understand that a Party must comply with the application of environmental laws and all laws, regulations and other measures to comply with a Party`s obligations under the Covered Agreements (a) if a course of action or inaction reflects an appropriate, articulable and bona foite exercise of that discretion or results from an appropriate decision, articulable and in good faith on the allowance. these resources. provided that a claimant may bring a claim for breach of an investment contract in accordance with point (a)(i)(C) or (b)(i)(c) only if the subject matter of the claim and the damages claimed relate directly to the covered investment that was formed, acquired or formed or acquired or acquired on the basis of the investment contract concerned. (b) have agreed on compensation or a decision under Article 21.15 and a complaining Party considers that the party complained against has failed to comply with the terms of the Agreement, 6. Article 10.7 (Expropriation and Compensation) and Article 10.16 (Submission of a Request for Arbitration) apply to a tax measure that is considered an expropriation or breach of an investment contract or investment permit. However, no investor may invoke Article 10.7 (expropriation and compensation) as the basis for a claim if it has been determined in accordance with this paragraph that the measure is not an expropriation. An investor who, with regard to a tax measure, refers to Art. 10 para.

7 (expropriation and compensation), the competent authorities of the parties to the claimant and the defendant referred to in Annex 22.3 must first, at the time of notification of its declaration of intent under Article 10.16 (filing of a claim for arbitration), be involved in the question whether this tax measure involves expropriation. If the competent authorities do not agree to consider the matter or, after agreeing to consider it, do not agree, within six months of such referral, that the measure is not an expropriation, the investor may submit its claim to arbitration in accordance with Article 10.16 (Submission of a Request to Arbitration). 6. In accordance with Article 1.2 (relationship with other agreements), the Parties reaffirm their existing rights and obligations under the TRIPS Agreement and the Intellectual Property Agreements concluded or administered under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), to which they are Parties. .