What Is A Agreement Summary

The parties acknowledge that the legislation applicable to this agreement will be Spanish law. Neither party may transfer or transfer the rights and obligations created in this contract without the prior written consent of the other party without the prior written consent of the other party, without any third-party transfer or assignment. The enforcement regulations contain a summary document containing a set of elements and instructions for service providers to complete. However, some issues should only be raised where this applies. For example, if a service does not contain an internet service, it is not possible and necessary to provide information on the speed of internet services. The summary contains the main elements of the information that suppliers must provide to the consumer before the contract is concluded (pre-contract information). The contract will come into effect once the consumer has confirmed an agreement after receiving the summary. After the conclusion of the contract, the pre-contracted information and the summary of the contract are an integral part of the contract. The contract summary is a one-sided standardized sheet (for a service) or up to three pages (for a package) made available to any consumer and other users, such as Z.B. micro-enterprises, electronic communications services before the contract is concluded.

It contains a concise and readable presentation of the essential information that service providers must provide to consumers, such as supplier contact information. B, service description, internet service speed, price, duration, extension and termination of contract, and functions of disabled end-users. The regulation provides (annex, part B), the indication of temporary discounts in the „price“ section. In recital 14, it is stated that, in the event of a promotional price, this should be clearly stated, including the validity period of the discount and the full non-share price. Content presentation requirements (Article 2 of the Regulation) must be met here and elsewhere in the summary, including the presentation of content in a manner that is easily readable and understandable to consumers. The purpose of the agreement is the partial and non-exclusive assignment of windowSight content rights to the content created by the artist, owned by the artist previously verified and accepted by WindowSight on the platform. The summary of the contract is, for example, made. B as part of an online offer or a paper contract in a shop, in order to facilitate the choice and comparability of consumers between the different offers. It must not be signed separately by the consumer. The regulation provides for the inclusion of the recurring price per month in the contract summary. If it is a set of more than one service, the regulation does not require that the price per item be included in the order table. It should be noted, however, that the complete pre-contract information that must be transmitted to the consumer before a consumer is bound by a contract requires the price guidance of each element of a group, as it is also marketed separately (Directive 2018/1972 on the European Code of Electronic Communications, s.

102, paragraph 1, and Appendix VIII B).