Tpx Service Level Agreement

TPx`s fully managed service offerings and the wide product catalogue are truly distinctive features of the market. And thanks to national services and aggressive service level agreements (SLAs) backed by a 100 percent UCaaS operating guarantee associated with TPx`s SD-WAN solution, companies can rely on a one-source solution, whether they have a site or a thousand. „For more than 20 years, TPx has been at the forefront of developing world-class service and connectivity solutions for the growing North American market,“ said Frank Baker, co-founder of Siris. „One of TPx`s key growth drivers has been the ability to successfully develop its product line in the UCaaS and Managed Services markets, while maintaining its exceptional commitment to operational excellence and building on a world-class quality of service. We have long admired TPx`s innovative products and deep customer relationships. TPx fits perfectly into our investment strategy. We look forward to working closely with the TPx team to help the company meet the evolving needs of customers and create new opportunities for innovation and growth. In recent years, SD-WAN has become a real game of change for TPx customers, as it fills a wide range of usage cases. Through the use of SD-WAN and state-of-the-art facilities, including a Security Operations Centre (SOC) run by former Ministry of Defence DoD agents, TPx can provide services such as managed security, managed network and nationally managed communications, without having to provide a circuit to ensure quality. David Zahn, senior vice president of marketing at TPx, told Channel Partners that it is „business as usual and we will continue to provide the same excellent service that our customers, agents and partners expect from our team.“ TPx said the acquisition will provide the resources needed to meet the fast-growing market for UCaaS, CCaaS and Managed IT Services. Businesses around the world need a reliable IT infrastructure to deliver the best products and services to their customers. But the technology landscape is always innovative and evolving, so it is imperative that companies lead the right service provider (MSP) and help them meet their IT challenges and strategies.

Few IT and communication solutions, if so, offer what TPx Communications can do. Founded in 1998, the company has been providing quality technology services to businesses for more than 20 years. As a visionary leader of TPx, he oversaw the acquisition and integration of several companies. He personally encouraged the organization`s customer service and encouraged the transition from a telecommunications service provider to an award-winning management service provider with annual revenues of nearly $700 million. After entering into an IPO agreement, TPx, the provider of managed services and connectivity, is acquired by Siris, a private equity firm focused on investments in technology and telecommunications companies. „Our solutions are designed to deliver quality and adaptability at the enterprise level without cost to the company,“ says Dick Jalkut, President and CEO of TPx. „The IT, communication and connectivity services managed by TPx allow you to draw your attention to where it needs to be – your business.“ TPx provides managed IT services, unified communications (UCaaS) and network connectivity to more than 50,000 customer sites in the United States. Access to state-of-the-art technologies in affordable and customizable solutions is a market equalizer that offers businesses of all sizes benefits for large companies. TPx offers top-notch solutions in a world-class portfolio, including VeloCloud, Silver Peak, Cisco, Broadsoft, Fortinet, Poly, Arbor Networks, Datto, Microsoft and others, as well as its own proprietary solutions and infrastructure. „We expect to secure significant additional resources for the implementation of our strategic product and service plans,“ said Mr. Zahn.