Sofa Agreement Kosovo

NATO`s presence was sanctioned by the UN Security Council on the basis of Resolution 1244 (1999), which allowed UN member states and international organizations to maintain an international security presence via KFOR in Kosovo until an agreement was finally reached and its conditions were enforced. [3] KFOR has been authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the agreement. [4] The main provisions of the agreement should allow for force. personnel who are part of the Kosovo armed forces and who include the civilian component and participate in the kosovo mission. Execution order. Military authority and the responsibility of a senior officer to give orders to subordinates. It covers all aspects of military operations and administration and exists only within national services. (Aap – 6). Lead Nation. In the field of logistics, when a nation assumes responsibility for acquiring and providing broad logistical support to all or part of the multinational force and/or headquarters.

Compensation and/or reimbursement are then subject to agreements between the parties concerned. The leading nation can also assume responsibility for coordinating the logistics of other nations in its area of functional and regional responsibility. (MC 319/1) Front-line support and transport lines. Support is an integral part of units working primarily in the area of MNB (C) (AOR) responsibility. b. Second line. Support in the Bde less front line. c. Third line.

Theatre support at the back of the MNB (C) AOR. d. Fourth Line. Assistance within the country of origin and a POD or FMB. Logistics. The science of planning and executing movement and force maintenance. In its most complete sense the aspects of military operations, which are related to: a. planning and development, purchase, storage, transport, distribution, maintenance, evacuation and disposal of materials. B. Staff transport. c. Acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation and placement of facilities.

d. the purchase or provision of services. E. Medical and medical assistance. (AAP – 6) Military Police (MP). Staff designated by participants as Mp, equipped with MP identification, access and equipment, acting on the authority of the commander or on the national authority of its respective participants. MNB (C) Brigade surgeon. Comd MNB (C) Principal Medical Advisor. MNMPC. The multinational military police force, created by the participatory nations of MNB (C).

MNTC. The multinational transport company, created by the participating nations of the MNB (C). National Contingent Commander (NCC) or Senior National Representative (SNR). The national representative of each unit or staff of the theatre, as appointed by the TCN in accordance with national rules and regulations. National Senior Medical Officer (SMO). The senior medical director for each participant appointed by Kosovo`s defence expert, naim Maloku, a former officer and currently external adviser to the Ministry of Environment and Planning, says the agreement is very important.