Ford Purchase Agreement An important area of the treaty is the disclosure of truths. In this area are five boxes that describe the main components of your purchase. The five boxes contain the following information: An official contract is involved in the vast majority of car sales and acts as an agreement between you and a dealer in which you promise to pay the cost of the vehicle in installments over time in addition to interest, according to Ford. Here`s everything you need to know about a car sales contract so you`re ready when it`s time to make a purchase. Armed with this knowledge, you will be in a much better position to understand and make the most of the car sales contract if you make a purchase. Remember, according to CarsDirect, it`s always best to ask the seller about all the details of your contract that you don`t understand or seem wrong. 3.2. If you wish to exercise your rights of refusal, you must either return them personally, with all the keys and documents, to the place where you purchased them, or (as they are not suitable for booking) to pick them up from you. We cover the cost of pickup. Don`t hesitate to call customer service on 01708 893981 or email us at to arrange the pickup. The car belongs to you at the end of the agreement assuming that all payments have been made plus the purchase fee. 1.2.

An order is an offer from you to purchase the vehicle in accordance with these conditions. You are responsible for the fact that the terms of the order are complete and correct. Monthly payments: – Calculated by deduction of the down payment and optional final payment of the price of the car. The balance, plus all interest and fees, will then be divided into identical monthly payments, depending on the length of your contract. If you decide to keep the car, provided all the monthly payments have been made, you only have to pay the optional final payment plus the purchase fee and it`s yours to leave. 8.1.3. that such a used vehicle be delivered to us on or before the delivery of the goods we are to deliver under this Agreement and that the ownership of the used vehicle in question gives us absolute ownership of that used vehicle; Here`s everything you need to know about a car sales contract so you`re ready when it`s time to make a purchase. 4.1.1. This agreement and the delivery of the goods are subject to all the conditions that the manufacturer may legitimately subordinate from time to time to the delivery of the goods or the resale of that product by us.

10.1. Notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement, you are free to purchase from us a financial company at the price to be paid below before the expiry of 7 days after the goods are available for delivery. When the goods are purchased by this financial company, the above clauses are extinguished, except for used vehicles for which an agreed compensation for you has been agreed: from us, at a price equal to this compensation on the terms mentioned in point 8 (with the exception of those mentioned in point 8.1.3, and 8.1.4 All „delivery or delivery“ information relating to the goods must be construed as being provided by us at the request of the financial company) and we are liable to the financial company on your behalf for that price and any down payment you have made under that agreement. 13.10. None of the parties may violate this Agreement or be held liable for any delay in the performance or non-compliance with its obligations under this Agreement, if the delay or omission is due to events, circumstances or causes that are not subject to its proper control (a „force majeure event“). In these circumstances, the party concerned is entitled to a reasonable period of time to fulfil these obligations. If the delay or non-performance period is 3 months, the party not concerned can terminate the contract by a written notification of fourteen days to the party concerned.