Bilateral Infrastructure Agreement Italy

18 Those agreements included the Bilateral Infrastructure Agreement (BIA) of 20 October 1954; the Memorandum of Understanding of 30 November 1993 on the use of aviano air base; and the shell agreement of 2 February 1995 between the Italian Minister of Defence and the US Ministry of Defence. Due to their nature as „classified information“, the content of these agreements was known to the Public Prosecutor`s Office, but could not be disclosed. A „declassification“ had been requested but had not yet been granted. 4 Under Article 20 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure, the courts may refer questions of jurisdiction at any stage or stage of the proceedings. 10. Captain Richard Ashby, the pilot of the aircraft, captures. Joseph P. Schweitzer, the navigator, and Capts. Chandler Seagraves and William Raney occupied the rear seats of the aircraft. Member States acting by or in cooperation with the organisation referred to in Annex 1-A to the [NATO] Peace Agreement with a view to establishing, for a planned period of eighteen months, a Multinational Stabilisation Force (SFOR) as the legal successor to IFOR, under uniform leadership and control, in order to fulfil the role set out in Annex 1-A and Annex 2 to the Peace Agreement. (para.

18) Please to learn more about all the ways to donate. View all Google Scholar quotes for this article. 9 Enhancement in the original. The Chamber`s submissions were appended to the Prosecutor`s Office`s request to be submitted to the main hearing. The results of the Board of Directors were summarized in N.Y. Times, March 12, 1998, on A1. It also authorized „Member States to take all necessary measures, at the request of SFOR, either to defend SFOR or to assist SFOR in carrying out its mission“ (para. 20). The US-led SFOR mission was approved by NATO Defence Ministers on 17 December 1996. On 21 December 1996, Air Force units previously linked to Operation Decisive Endeavor in support of IFOR were transferred to Operation Deliberate Guard in support of SFOR. – No HTML tags – Website URLs are only displayed as text – lines and paragraphs stop automatically – annexes, images or tables are not allowed 6 The Italian Government has waived responsibility for both the seriousness of the incident that caused a public outcry and the possibility of carrying out a full accountability assessment in a single process, requested.

Italian nationals should also be responsible for the accident. However, in accordance with Article VII(3)(c) of the NATO SOFA, the State, having the primary right to exercise jurisdiction, must „give sympathetic consideration“ to a request for waiver in cases where another State considers the exemption to be „particularly important“. The United States refused to relinquish jurisdiction. Your email address is used to inform you if your comment has been verified by the moderator and if the author or moderator should contact you directly. . 8 Article VII(6) OF THE NATO SOFA, footnote 5, requires the authorities of the receiving and seconding State to assist each other in the investigation and taking of evidence. On 3 February 22, 1998, a US Navy EA-6B aircraft deployed to Aviano Air Base as part of Operation Deliberate Guard to support the Multinational Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia, was on a low-level training mission over northern Italy when it cut the cable car wires in the Cermis ski area, near Cavalese, killing twenty people. .