Att Wireless Customer Agreement

You can get benefits because you agree to charge for your services („Joint Billing“), charged by a wire company linked to AT-T („Affiliated“) or because you subscribe to certain services provided by an Affiliate. If you cancel the common billing or affiliate service, your rates will be adjusted without notice to a rate plan for which you qualify. If you subscribe to a service for which a user fee is charged at the end of the billing period („Postpay Service“) or if you have a installment contract for device payments, we may at any time review your credit history in relation to the service subscription or installment payment contract. If you want the name and address of a credit agency that gives us a credit report on you, just ask. My wife and I are currently wireless customers. I have an iPhone 5S 64Gb and my wife has a cheap flip phone. She has a plan that doesn`t allow data or SMS on her phone. I have an unlimited data rate, 200 messages per month, and we share 550 minutes of speaking time. We have minutes of overflight and we currently have about 5,800 minutes.

Most of the data I`ve used in a month is 2.5GB. I write a few friends who don`t have an Apple product, but most of the text messages I`ve used in a month are about 96. Our current bill is $114.65 per month. The use of the AT-T Wi-Fi service with a WI-FI-enabled wireless device is subject to the terms of use and acceptable terms of use („Conditions of use“ of Your use constitutes your consent to these conditions, which have been added by reference. The AT-T Wi-Fi Basic service is available free of charge to wireless customers, equipped with selected wi-fi devices and a qualified data rate. Other restrictions may apply. Requires an email account with a compatible Internet service provider and a downloaded or pre-installed messaging app for the wireless device. Mobile Email access and usage are billed based on your data plan based on the total volume of data sent and received (in kilobytes). Messaging facilities cannot be sent, downloaded, read or redirected to the mobile device. There is only one trombone symbol that displays an installation.