Appomattox Court House Agreement

Lee arrived at McLean`s house around one o`clock and sat in the living room. Half an hour later, the sound of horses on the scene signalled General Grant`s approach. The generals had a contrasting appearance. Lee was in his thinnest uniform and wore a belest, a sword, thin boots and sleeves. Grant, after a long journey around the entire Confederate army, was in a mud-drenched field uniform to reach Sheridan`s lines. He didn`t want to keep Lee waiting and went straight to McLean House without changing. Grant, who remembered meeting Lee once during the Mexican war, asked the Confederate general if he remembered their meeting. Lee replied that he did, and they chatted very cordially for about 25 minutes. The conditions were as generous as Lee could hope; his men would not be imprisoned or prosecuted for treason.

Officers were allowed to keep their side arms, horses and personal baggage. [18] In addition to his mandates, Grant allowed the defeated men to bring their horses and mules home for spring planting and provided Lee with food rations for his starving army; Lee said he would have a very happy effect among men and that he would do a lot to reconcile the country. [19] The conditions of surrender were recorded in a handwritten document written by Grant`s Warrant Officer, Ely S. Parker, an Indian of the Seneca Tribe, and completed around 16 .m April. [20] When Lee discovered Parker as Seneca, he thought, „It`s nice to have a real American here.“ Parker replied, „Sir, we are all Americans.“ When Lee left the house and left, Grant`s men began to rejoice, but Grant ordered an immediate stop. „But I immediately sent the word to stop it,“ he said. „The Confederates were now our countrymen, and we didn`t want to gloat about their downfall,“ he said. [21] Custer and other union officers purchased McLean`s layout of the room where Lee and Grant met as souvenirs and emptied them of furniture. Grant soon visited the Confederate army, then he and Lee sat on the porch of McLean House and met visitors like Longstreet and George Pickett before the two men stopped in their capitals. [22] Where is the courthouse where the surrender took place? The surrender took place in the village of Appomattox Court House, Virginia, in a private home of the McLean family.

In Virginia, many of the cities that were County Seats were called „Court House.“ The building is the courthouse (one word) and the city is Court House (two words). In his white uniform, Lee was waiting for Grant. Grant, whose headaches ended when he received Lee`s note, arrived in a muddy uniform at McLean`s house, a government blunder coat with pants tucked into muddy boots, no side arms, and only with his broken bandages showing his rank. [16] It was the first time in nearly two decades that the two men had met face to face. [15] Suddenly overwhelmed by sadness, Grant struggled to get to the point of the meeting, and instead the two generals briefly discussed their only previous encounter during the war between Mexico and the Americas.