7-Eleven Lease Agreement

Commitments and restrictions: Franchisees agree, under the franchise agreement, to do their best for the store and to be able to actively and meaningfully clean up the franchise`s actual operation. Since the franchisor expects the franchisee to effectively manage the franchise business, except in exceptional cases, it does not require franchisees to appoint or train a manager unless it operates more than one Eleven 7 franchise. The store must contain all specified inventory categories. Franchisees may only sell, use and sell inventory and other products related to nature, quantity, quality and variety related to the 7 Eleven image and as indicated by the franchisor in the franchise agreement. Franchisees must at all times keep in-store a reasonable amount representative of all proprietary products listed in the franchise agreement or that the franchisor otherwise lists in writing. Franchisees must have a reasonable and representative amount of all products advertised or promoted at the national or regional level. Franchisees must meet the franchisor`s requirements for merchandising and the shelf life of fresh foodstuffs. Under the franchise agreement, you receive a gross annual income of $310,000 for fuel storage and $340,000 for non-fuel stores. Phone number: From now until further notice, please contact us by email. Thank you very much. Monday to Friday, 9am – 5.30pm (no holidays) E-mail: franchise@7-eleven.com.sg Two weeks before the end of your training program, you must submit a business plan to the management of 7-Eleven Singapore. After approval of your business plan, you must make full payments for franchise fees and work capital.

With the payments, you enter into a contract with 7-Eleven by signing the standard franchise agreement document. After completing all payments and execution of the contract, you will resume the selected franchise store on the 1st of the month. 7-Eleven buys or leases the land. The first construction costs, which include renovations, equipment and storage equipment, are borne by 7-Eleven. The store is then run by 7-Eleven for at least a year, which produces a real Profit-Loss display. Potential franchisees can evaluate the returns of the LP before investing. The franchisee then takes over a fully equipped 7-Eleven store with an existing track record. Once you have fully understood all the requirements, please download the application form here for our evaluation. Within two weeks, we will let you know if you have been successfully shortlisted to participate in our exclusive franchise presentation in order to get more information about our franchise store. Territory granted: The franchise agreement includes a single 7-Eleven store site. Franchisees do not have a minimum area.

Franchisees also do not benefit from exclusive territory. Unlike a normal business, you do not have the lease as a franchisee. We would prefer the franchisee to be the chief operating officer of the company. Franchisees with multiple locations may need a manager to do additional shopping. The manager should take the training of 7 Eleven correspondent. Please note that you must go through a detailed and thorough approval process to become a 7-Eleven multi-site franchisee. Make sure you have been pre-approved for a 7 Eleven franchise loan before signing the franchise agreement or paying your application fee. There should be an example of the franchise agreement you need to sign: read it carefully with the help of your lawyer to find out what you are signing up for. Agreement duration and extension: the initial duration of the deductible is 15 years.

An extension period equal to the number of years under the franchise agreement at the time for franchise renewals is available if the requirements are met.